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Intellectual Property

Heated Designs is dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of integrity and ethical behavior in all aspects of our business, including intellectual property rights. We adhere strictly to copyright laws and regulations, ensuring that we do not reproduce any designs, logos, or images that are protected by copyright without the explicit permission of the owner. Our commitment to respecting intellectual property extends to all aspects of our operations, from the design and production of custom apparel to the handling of customer submissions and orders.

Customers placing orders with Heated Designs are responsible for ensuring that they have the legal right to use any artwork, logos, or designs submitted for printing. By submitting an order to Heated Designs, customers affirm that they have obtained all necessary permissions or licenses for any copyrighted material included in their designs.

We reserve the right to refuse to print any material that violates intellectual property rights or our policies.

At Heated Designs, we are committed to fostering a culture of respect for intellectual property rights. We believe that by upholding the principles of integrity and ethical behavior, we can create a positive and sustainable impact on our industry and society as a whole.

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